Jul. 13th, 2015

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The conjunction of trashing human rights all over the place while bringing back fox hunting is this government in a nutshell. You can't have fair treatment at work, or the means to survival, your freedoms are being gradually eroded - but oh look, here's the opportunity to kill a fox. And not just to kill a fox, which the current law doesn't prohibit, but to do so in a poncier and more overblown way. And not just to do that, which half the time hunts get away with anyway because rural police tend to believe you if you say you're following a drag scent (a dead animal or a guy pulling a piss-stained item of clothing, not Lily Savage's perfume), but to do it out in the open with no need to lie convincingly to the cops. It will be easier to kill a fox in a poncy and overblown way than to walk down a city street looking vaguely foreign or to claim any sort of disability allowance if ATOS determine that you can lift the little finger on your left hand far enough to press a button. Of course the Tories are the party of human rights, if you have a very messed up idea of what that means.

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