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I like ducks, coffee and eyeliner. There is more to me than that, but exactly what there is can vary wildly from one time to the next. This is a charming little quirk when it comes to hobbies but makes work and other parts of life difficult sometimes. (It also explains gaps in posting here.) Anyway, if you want to get to know me you'll need to read the entries - I know, what a faff... ;)


I'm often vague about scenarios and the identities of people who aren't me - this is on purpose to not out me or anyone else. (In fact, even my good friends sometimes have different nicknames from one time to the next, largely because I forget what I called them here before)

I frequently set myself little challenges (cleaning, decluttering, exercising, using up yarn or random food ingredients) and sometimes blog them. I don't always think to put things that aren't intrinsically unpleasant or disturbing under a cut. If you like reading my rambles but find my latest challenge triggering, tell me.

Unsolicited advice is fine, provided you aren't offended if I a) mention that I've already thought of it or b) don't take it. (Likewise, you don't need to do anything I suggest) The exceptions are 'go eat meat' and 'ur depressed cos ur fat' type comments.

Debating is usually fine if I'm making some moral point, UNLESS I say otherwise. (This does not affect your right to express your differing opinion in spaces that are not mine)

Here are some of the phrases I use a lot, and their origins, to save me explaining this every time.

Spoons: The original spoon theory was the work of Christine Miserandino at 'But You Don't Look Sick'. Christine was describing a physical health condition, but the theory can also be applied to mental issues (example)

Unfucking: This comes straightforwardly from Unfuck Your Habitat, the site which has helped me get my domestic life into tolerable order. I hate the word 'tidying', 'clearing' isn't always feasible and 'cleaning' doesn't cover a lot of what I end up doing, so 'unfucking' is a nice catch-all and a chance to swear. ;)

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