Jun. 6th, 2015

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It isn't the main point of this story, but it kind of became that way in the comments. The original post highlights how, because a library has 'gender neutral' bathrooms, sanitary bins - you know, closed disposal bins to get rid of stuff that is covered in blood - aren't allowed. Seriously? That isn't 'neutral'. That's heavily biased towards people who don't have periods, and against people - women, trans men, non-binary folk - who have periods. Because, what, cis guys would die of shock if they saw evidence of the proper disposal of things that someone else has bled in? Do they also get offended by the contents of the first aid box? And some of these fragile flowers are likely to be heterosexual or bisexual, and we can extrapolate from this that a fair few will have partners who have periods. And guess what, it doesn't seem like the policy is working out - if the aim was to stop people perioding, that's come back to bite everyone in the bum.

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