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There are some days when doing a small, simple task seems to stretch out for several times as long as it should. Writing an abstract for a conference, for example, or sorting recycling. Today was not like that. I got up a little before 10. Gave up on getting a newspaper because by 1030 it's touch and go whether the local newsagents would still have an Observer, and I didn't want to go further afield. Worried a bit about whether I would get everything done that I normally do on Sundays - we're going to the pub this evening so that contracts things a bit. On that basis, I'd moved our usual roast dinner to lunchtime, which I knew would make the morning a bit less chilled than usual but would have the flipside of not having to worry about it in the evening.

By 1pm (lunchtime unless there is any reason to have it at another time) I'd managed to create a roast dinner, with my first attempt at vegan toad in the hole (tasted good but trashed my dish), and also make a batch of bread for packed lunches and do the first load of washing up. By half past two I'd washed my hair, done washing up load #2 (one of the few tasks I can do with a towel on my head and no glasses on) and dried/styled my hair. Then blogged the toad in the hole over at Veganicity. Haven't achieved much since about three though - time to have a shower and think about dinner!


Jun. 16th, 2009 07:20 pm
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I am going to a friend's leaving party at the weekend and thought that some flavoured vodka would be a nice thing to take. Except, being skint and in need of diversion, I decided to make the stuff. I have fresh blueberries, so will spend this evening poking holes in them and inserting them into a bottle of Teh Sco's (inverse) finest. I also have some dried cherries and cranberries - anyone know if they'd work for flavouring spirits?

And because things sometimes fit together (although not often), I also wound up buying some beetroots to make soup with. Now, I always flavour this with horseradish and paprika, but know from experience that the *best* thing to put in is a shot or two of vodka. So that solves the problem of how to make space for fruit, and how to unwind after a rather intense seminar!

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