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-Refraining from buying an extra pair of purely decorative sandals and using the money instead for a mini TENS machine. I'd been wavering on getting something like this for a while, but the full-scale ones are epically expensive when I have no idea whether I will like it or it will work for me. (Many things that have helped with other people's periods haven't touched mine, for whatever reason)
-Sucking up that I may need codeine, buying some and stashing it in the drawer. It messes with my brain and I can only take it if I'm confident of not needing to do anything else until after a good sleep, but on the plus side it stops me being kept awake by pain.
-Ditto tranexemic acid - I don't like it, because (sorry for the tmi) it stops clots breaking down and clots bother me a lot, but sometimes gore reduction is necessary.
-Making progress on a job application even though it feels like my brain, rather than my uterine lining, is preparing to detach.
-Running and unloading the dishwasher as soon as it got full.
-Having chocolate in the house and not eating it all instantly despite being premenstrual and having to write self-promotional stuff for a job application.
-Remembering to wear a weight bracelet on my once-injured now pretty puny left arm while around the house.
-Exercising this morning. Not for long, and in a style of dress only Plato would approve of, but still.

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