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Started, kind of, on Sunday evening - a day or two late due to food poisoning. (Logging that so I can check back next month and get a rough timeline of when I'm due again) Pain, weakness etc. - that's why I haven't blogged, beasted, or anything else much.

Reading tastes - veering between light relief (Wendy Holden, Sue Townsend's Queen books) and darker, more disturbing stuff (Julia Crouch's Cuckoo being the book I had the strongest compulsion for). Currently reading a couple of later Cherub stories I picked up in a charity shop. File under escapism. :P

Premenstrual mental crap - off the frigging dial.

Premenstrual pain - quite a lot, spread over longer than usual, hard to tell at times because of food poisoning symptoms mixed in.

Actual period pain - pretty bad at times but probably moderated by the amount of ibuprofen lysine in my system. Have had to resort to codeine a few times. Mini-TENS thingy does a good job of pain control when it works, but it sometimes refuses. I'm particularly frustrated by the fact that an item marketed to help with period pain has trouble sticking properly to a body with curves. Still getting cramps on Thursday, which is incredibly annoying.

Gore control - going pretty well. Pleasantly surprised by the Feminine Wear nighttime pad in particular. (I still dislike the name - femininity is not a criteria for perioding) Here be gore, but also discussion of reusable pads that work. )
Disposables: none used as of Thursday.

Reusables: more difficulty than usual with the Mooncup. Pads are working out well for the time being. Not sure how well I'll be able to dry them when the weather isn't either hot enough to dry things naturally or cold enough to have radiators on. That's the trouble with things designed to absorb liquid efficiently! I'm tempted to buy more, but then again I need to work my way through my hoard of disposables so my winter tights have a proper home when I get them out again.

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