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LJ is showing signs of life (and I have more information, courtesy of the DW news page strangely enough) but intermittently - I managed to read my friends page and establish that you lot weren't having a massive party in my absence and that my account hadn't been hacked, but when I went back to make a post the page wouldn't load. So here I am.

I've often wondered whether, when at home alone, I should lock the door while hanging the washing out. Technically the washing line is only a few yards from our door (which is around the side of the house and up some stairs - downstairs gets a normal front and back door but there isn't much point in that one storey up), but you don't get the best view of the door from it. Usually I don't lock the door but I do shut it. Anyway, we're both at home this morning and it was Ducki's turn to hang the washing out, so since I have a good view of the stairs and door from the sofa he left it wide open. Usually the oddest thing that happens is that cats try to come in. Now, I wouldn't really mind the cats coming to say hello. I like cats. But we aren't going to be here much longer, so I don't want them getting used to actually coming indoors because a) they might scratch or piss on something belonging to the landlord and compromise our deposit and b) the next tenants might not be cat fans. Amazingly not everyone loves kitties, bizzare... Today the stakes were upped a bit because the invader was a small child, singing a little song while peering up our stairs. I had a slight moment of panic - I'm not sure what you're meant to do if a genuinely lost toddler turns up at your house, calling the police might come in somewhere, and cracking open the orange juice stash. Luckily she turned out to be attached to the lady delivering the free newspaper, who said something like 'don't be nosy' and led her little darlings away.

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