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For anyone not keeping track at the other place, we've had rather a lot of visits from the fuck-up fairy lately. She continues to show up at regular intervals, despite my refusal to stock her favourite foods for most of the year. (Now I'm wondering what fuck-up fairy cakes would look like, hmm idea for when we get to have a party...) So that's going to be my halloween costume this year. I'm going to a club night in Glasgow, where dressing up is encouraged. I'm not 100% sure what I'm going to do yet, but here's some ideas (*marks things that would require a trip to the shops):

-A black dress of some description
-The black fairy wings from last year, back when I was just a normal bad fairy
-Ripped fishnets or laddered tights, if I have any that didn't get binned over the summer
-Crimping my hair into oblivion (it'll get deep conditioned on Sunday anyway, ready to go back to work after reading week)
-Green nail varnish with black crackle topcoat
-Green hairspray*
-White foundation*
-Green dazzle dust eyeshadow, because this is the one context where that stuff dribbling down my face might be acceptable.
-Gold false lashes - Tesco had these for a quid and cheapness doesn't matter here because if they fall off it'll just be another characteristic fuck-up ;)
-A green sparkly spider, just because one of the local shops is selling them (and purple ones, squee) and I want an excuse.
-Ovaries of steel to travel between here and Glasgow dressed like that - I still remember getting across Nottingham dressed as the Black Dahlia in my last summer there for a friend's movie themed party. At least this weekend I probably won't be the only person costumed up on public transport...
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(HDG has more detail, and pics!)

Today was chosen because the bad bit of my period seems to be lasting an extra day. So here goes:

A weekend with Duckula that went, for the most part, pretty well

A minor improvement in my working conditions vis-a-vis marking

A small amount of research getting done, which at least shows that my brain is still somewhat alive

Duckula having his main stress resolved for the better and a couple of bits of good news (which also fit quite nicely with his visit to me next week!)

Keeping up with the small tasks that diminish my quality of life quite rapidly if not done (eg laundry, cooking proper food)

Getting class prep out of the way for the rest of this term and also managing a few job apps

Getting through an evening alone that had the potential to be stressful

Remaining on a largely even keel emotionally despite pms and period

The fact that most of the stressy patches I've had over the last week have been resolved fairly easily with small things
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Today has been chosen because it was poo enough that I need a week's worth of good stuff to redeem it! Also because after a fair amount of stress I now need to get in the mood for a full research day tomorrow and a trip to visit Ducki on Friday, which includes meeting several of his friends and his mum. So here goes:
-Being with Duckula so much (two weekends running), which makes up for the long break when he was away at conferences.
-A nice trip to my local on Friday night
-A goth night on Saturday night
-Looking pretty good for the goth night, although the photos I got Ducki to take didn't come out so there is no real evidence
-Eating properly (rather than giving in to stress and starving or stuffing my face with crisps and biscuits)
-Getting a lot of walking in
-My class yesterday going better than I'd thought it might in the circumstances
-Cutting my nails - they looked great long and painted, but it was getting to the stage where they didn't feel so great for typing or doing other practical stuff around the house.
-Catching up on laundry this evening: I like the smell of basic non-bio washing powder, and also the prospect of having clean clothes.
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Ok, I have somewhere else to post these lists, but plan to do a roundup here every so often. And since this afternoon is likely to be stressful (dealing with students who had their class cancelled last week), I thought now would be a good time to start.

So, things that made me happy in the last week:
Being back to normal (in contact terms) with Duckula and handling the weekends he was away reasonably well. This gives me the idea that I will be able to handle it next time, without being as freaked out beforehand.
Largely keeping up with the walking.
Blu's visit on Friday, despite the weather.
Not only avoiding stimuli that upset me, but also not feeling any urge to seek them out.
Being able to ward off most of the small panics and freakouts of the last week by doing something small (playing with makeup, taking random photos around the house) to distract myself.
Having the confidence, albeit slightly shaky, to post photos of myself on HDG and my facebook page and not worry too much about the negative things people may think.
A productive day of work yesterday and getting more done than I'd expected this morning.
Being able to do anything useful this morning rather than panicking about this afternoon's class.
The prospect of a long weekend with Duckula, especially as he's coming to my place and we're going to a goth night and probably my favourite pub.
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Today's list of good things. I promise this won't be a daily outpouring, just something for when I feel especially crap otherwise.

I spoke to Duckula on the phone while he was on the train home from his conference. The call was short and the reception absolutely poo at both ends, but it was lovely all the same.
I had two long walks today, making the most of being in the Duckarchy. They must have added up to maybe two hours between them.
I have also quite possibly totalled the same amount of time doing poi. Still no fancy stuff, but I am getting more stamina and fewer bruises.
I have resisted the temptation to spend the *entire* weekend either on the internet or curled in a ball reading. This is despite having a period.
I have warded off several episodes of self-loathing and consciously withdrawn from the stimuli for these when I've noticed myself being drawn to them.
I have some lovely strawberries-and-cream (not real cream!) bath stuff to try out in a little while, courtesy of a sale in Norwich S'drug.
I can fit into the black shorts I bought last summer, which are allegedly my size but were at the time so excruciatingly painful that I only wore them once and thought better of repeating the experience. While they weren't baggy today (why would I want them to be?), they do actually fit without me breathing in or being unable to sit down.
More importantly, the above is due to healthier eating and a concerted effort to walk rather than get buses where possible. (ie when going somewhere within an hour's walk, in daylight and not carrying anything heavy) The shorts are a superficial thing to be happy about, but a healthier (unless you count breathing extra traffic fumes!) lifestyle is more important. And right now I seem to have both!
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A list of good things (in no particular order):

I have warded off any actual meltdowns or freakouts despite it being the first day of my period and Ducki being largely out of contact for the next two days.
I smell nice, due to having had a lavendar-scented bath and made liberal use of the perfume my mother brought back from France. (which is meant to be poppy-flavoured but doesn't smell like an actual one, I like it though) The perfume isn't making me sneeze.
I am going to start doing poi again even if I have to fashion makeshift ones using tennis balls and socks.
There is a good chance that I will see my best friend in a little under a week.
Then I will have a long weekend with Duckula less than a week after that.
I am starting to see exercise (of the fairly tame variety - walking when in Notm, bit of cycling in the Duckarchy, plus poi) as something pleasurable that I do because I want to rather than to punish myself for anything.
Because I've been exercising more, I can eat things like dumplings (of the English variety, but vegetarian) and chocolate Swedish Glace without hating myself afterwards.
And, I have found some nice walks around my part of Nottingham. I didn't know until the other week that a railway line ran so close to where I live! Or that there were nice leafy paths between my road and the next major one that runs parallel.
I am making positive plans for the future instead of sitting on my arse worrying about it.

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