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For anyone not keeping track at the other place, we've had rather a lot of visits from the fuck-up fairy lately. She continues to show up at regular intervals, despite my refusal to stock her favourite foods for most of the year. (Now I'm wondering what fuck-up fairy cakes would look like, hmm idea for when we get to have a party...) So that's going to be my halloween costume this year. I'm going to a club night in Glasgow, where dressing up is encouraged. I'm not 100% sure what I'm going to do yet, but here's some ideas (*marks things that would require a trip to the shops):

-A black dress of some description
-The black fairy wings from last year, back when I was just a normal bad fairy
-Ripped fishnets or laddered tights, if I have any that didn't get binned over the summer
-Crimping my hair into oblivion (it'll get deep conditioned on Sunday anyway, ready to go back to work after reading week)
-Green nail varnish with black crackle topcoat
-Green hairspray*
-White foundation*
-Green dazzle dust eyeshadow, because this is the one context where that stuff dribbling down my face might be acceptable.
-Gold false lashes - Tesco had these for a quid and cheapness doesn't matter here because if they fall off it'll just be another characteristic fuck-up ;)
-A green sparkly spider, just because one of the local shops is selling them (and purple ones, squee) and I want an excuse.
-Ovaries of steel to travel between here and Glasgow dressed like that - I still remember getting across Nottingham dressed as the Black Dahlia in my last summer there for a friend's movie themed party. At least this weekend I probably won't be the only person costumed up on public transport...
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Should I feel bad that I want to be on here? Ok, my day-to-day look is a whole lot more practical than the folks on here - right now I am wearing a black t-shirt and loose black linen trousers, with dye-covered hair piled on top of my head, and my going-out clothes involve enough cleavage and fishnet-age to ward off any thoughts of overheating, and my normal concession to summer is a tube of factor 50 and a huge floppy black sunhat. And I know that the site is to a great extent taking the piss out of goths. But still, I WANT!

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