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I am chronically embarassed today. I have two students with the same (slightly unusual) first name. Normally I'm not conscious of this, as they are in different groups so I'm not thinking about one when the other is there, if you get my drift. Let's call them Sabrina - no resemblence to the real name, but has a similar level of infrequency among people their age.

Sabrina #1 was a bit high-maintenance when the first essay was due. She doesn't quite beat the record of one of my Nottingham students who sent at least one email each day in the runup to the deadline and at least one a week at every other point in the term, but there were a lot of emails. So when she emailed me a question yesterday, I did wonder if it would be the start of a deluge. Of course I answered constructively, because at the end of the day I want them to do well.

To set the scene this morning. Enter decaffinated tutor stage left and Sabrina #2 stage right. Sabrina #2, understandably I guess, asked a very similar question to Sabrina #1. Being in a decaffienated state and having pretty much just woken up, I just read the name 'Sabrina' and felt my heart sink - surely nobody could need to ask pretty much the same thing twice! My reply was polite but terse and involved something along the lines of 'you were on the right track yesterday with...'

Then, after hitting send and logging out, I thought 'OH FUCK I have two Sabrinas don't I' and logged back in to discover my mistake. Cue apologetic email, qualified with 'but [debate] is the way forward for you as much as it was for her'. Coffee #1 was downed before the fuck-up fairy could have any more input. Amazingly I've only now started drinking coffee #2. More on that later.
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For anyone not keeping track at the other place, we've had rather a lot of visits from the fuck-up fairy lately. She continues to show up at regular intervals, despite my refusal to stock her favourite foods for most of the year. (Now I'm wondering what fuck-up fairy cakes would look like, hmm idea for when we get to have a party...) So that's going to be my halloween costume this year. I'm going to a club night in Glasgow, where dressing up is encouraged. I'm not 100% sure what I'm going to do yet, but here's some ideas (*marks things that would require a trip to the shops):

-A black dress of some description
-The black fairy wings from last year, back when I was just a normal bad fairy
-Ripped fishnets or laddered tights, if I have any that didn't get binned over the summer
-Crimping my hair into oblivion (it'll get deep conditioned on Sunday anyway, ready to go back to work after reading week)
-Green nail varnish with black crackle topcoat
-Green hairspray*
-White foundation*
-Green dazzle dust eyeshadow, because this is the one context where that stuff dribbling down my face might be acceptable.
-Gold false lashes - Tesco had these for a quid and cheapness doesn't matter here because if they fall off it'll just be another characteristic fuck-up ;)
-A green sparkly spider, just because one of the local shops is selling them (and purple ones, squee) and I want an excuse.
-Ovaries of steel to travel between here and Glasgow dressed like that - I still remember getting across Nottingham dressed as the Black Dahlia in my last summer there for a friend's movie themed party. At least this weekend I probably won't be the only person costumed up on public transport...

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