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Title courtesy of a dream I had last night - I was at a vegan meetup (not with my current local group, or not just with them) at a resturant everyone had been raving about - but our group was led through the nicer bits into a dark, cold and noticeably manky function room up a few flights of stairs. Luckily I woke up before having to eat anything there. The nadir was going to the loo - the bowl had similar falling-through-the-floor tendencies as the ones in the new bit of the Portland Building at Nottingham, only worse so I was keeping my weight on my hands on the floor while peeing. Then because I had dreamed about peeing I woke up worried that I'd wet myself, and was relieved to be able to go to my un-grotty bog along our short landing and cuddle with Ducki afterwards.

So, I'm back on DW for a bit because LJ seems to be down. I'm still not entirely sure if this is my problem or a wider one. But if it is a wider problem I'm hoping some of you will gravitate over here and find me on my little duck island. If you're someone I know and you want an invite, comment. It is weird coming back to DW after a long absence and reading the posts from two years ago, I thought I was demoralised now but that summer was one of the worst times in my life without much real reason for it. That was one reason I started posting here, I didn't feel the hysteria about LJ so much, but I wanted to blog all that stuff somewhere vaguely seperate. And now to be honest I just want to do some personal blogging somewhere. Veganicity is good but not the best place to talk about loo bowls falling through the floor.

For anyone who is still somehow checking in at this blog and hasn't found my real one, wow you're obsessive ;). The real news is that I've moved to Stirling (Scotland) with Ducki. I've been teaching part-time during the university terms, and spending the summer largely keeping my head down and doing PhD corrections (painfully slow with painful being the operative) and writing a conference paper about the Camp for Climate Action. We're looking at houses to buy. That's really up in the air though. I'm looking forward to moving somewhere a bit bigger than the flat we have. Now we've 'proved ourselves' - we know our relationship *can* survive being in an enclosed space together and seeing each other's mess, but we also know that this is a flashpoint for arguments and one that could be more easily avoided if we had a couple more rooms. So that's how it is. Just need to get something now.

And another thing, we're having serious internet bandwidth crap here. So while I'd love to post photos, that's not possible for a while. :(
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Today has been chosen because it was poo enough that I need a week's worth of good stuff to redeem it! Also because after a fair amount of stress I now need to get in the mood for a full research day tomorrow and a trip to visit Ducki on Friday, which includes meeting several of his friends and his mum. So here goes:
-Being with Duckula so much (two weekends running), which makes up for the long break when he was away at conferences.
-A nice trip to my local on Friday night
-A goth night on Saturday night
-Looking pretty good for the goth night, although the photos I got Ducki to take didn't come out so there is no real evidence
-Eating properly (rather than giving in to stress and starving or stuffing my face with crisps and biscuits)
-Getting a lot of walking in
-My class yesterday going better than I'd thought it might in the circumstances
-Cutting my nails - they looked great long and painted, but it was getting to the stage where they didn't feel so great for typing or doing other practical stuff around the house.
-Catching up on laundry this evening: I like the smell of basic non-bio washing powder, and also the prospect of having clean clothes.

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