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Well, I'm out in the country trying to regroup a bit after two months that were more stressful even than I've admitted to myself or anyone else while they were happening! The issue being that my summer job took up a lot more time and energy than it has done in previous years - more students, more issues generally, a lot of uncertainty about aspects of the course plus the need to set an exam and plan revision. The exam marking in a week's time looks like a breeze in comparison to the rest of it, and if you've heard me whinge about marking you'll know how serious that is. Anyway, I've had a day and a half of just pottering around and (literally and metaphorically) getting air, making vague (for now) work plans, touching up my roots (an inch of brown stuff, that's way more than I normally allow) and generally decompressing and being relieved. I'm not sure I know what an un-stressed me looks like any more, but if I can catch a glimpse of that mythical being before my thesis reaches the last stage of urgency it will be great.

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