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1: Exercise. Finished a 30-day challenge for the first time ever, happily quit another, in the final stages of a third well after 30 days is up, and started a bunch of new ones arranged in a way that will minimise disruption from my period. Happy with that.

2: Food. Especially curry. Ducki got massive naan cravings so I've been making meals that fit with that.

3: Job applications. Two in two days without too much angst. I fit the criteria perfectly, so the only issue is who else applies.

4: Marking. Been doing it efficiently enough to get time for other stuff in between.

5: Research. Addressing a revise and resubmit that is kind of getting on my nerves, but pushing through it.

6: Fashion. Turns out shirts from the men's section of the charity shop fit me pretty well, and do actually come in some nice patterns these days. Currently wearing a red gingham one. It covers my midriff and bumcrack and doesn't strangle my biceps.

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