Jul. 12th, 2015

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Ok, not 'impossible' so much as 'things my premenstrual brain and subsequently painy body really want me not to do', but still. I have achieved something, even if I crash for the rest of the day.

-Exercise. Can't crank out as many sit-ups and crunches as I once could, but it's the best I've done in a while so that'll have to do.

-Sainsbury's. Going to Sainsbury's is currently on my top five things that may induce panic. And it was raining, so leaving the house was less appealing. But I managed to get there as soon as it opened and get most of my stuff before it got crowded, so not as bad as usual. Then I was heading straight for a checkout with a basket I could only just carry with both hands and things threatening to fall out of it* when an operative directed me towards a basket-only till. Fair enough, they want people with baskets to use those so people with trolleys have a clearer run, but a) this basket was heavy, b) and the store wasn't that crowded, and c) the people behind me in the basket line were very pissed off indeed that they went to the special basket till and had to queue behind someone who had most of a week's worth of groceries. Still, not as bad as it could have been!

-Job application. I finished writing my statement yesterday, but had to do a lot of fiddly stuff today. Managed it while lunch was cooking.

*I have to use a basket, not a trolley, to measure how much stuff I can carry home. If I can just about lift it with both hands and walk slowly, I can spread the contents between a rucksack and two bags and get home without staggering or needing a break.

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