Apr. 12th, 2015

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And I'm guessing the range of people I know on here has changed or dwindled. Nevermind. I want to start posting on here again, maybe cross-posting from eljay or maybe keeping the places seperate, but there are probably a few things that need to be got up to date.

1: I'm a Southron duck again - moved to Southampton last autumn. It's been a learning curve but mostly a good one.

2: I realise that, although I was on here a lot while doing corrections, I never updated on how that turned out. I've been Dr Duck since early 2012.

3: I'm a lot clearer about my limits and goals, and in a much better place to think things through, but this doesn't mean my brain never misbehaves.

4: I'm doing a lot better at dealing with my own crap and owning my failings - turns out this is easier to do when not being constantly bombarded from outside.

5: My first journal article is being published very soon. I've been working on this or some version of it for probably the whole time I've been away from DWidth.

There is more. But Actual Posts can deal with that.

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