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Amazingly, I've actually kept up with the various '30' day challenges for six days, and can feel some slight improvements. This is the most non-walking exercise I've done in over a month and I'm feeling happy about it. On the other hand, I know that the later stages are sometimes when I flake off, so I'm going to change things around a bit next week.

Squats: I'm taking this back to the beginning, so doing the first 9 or 10 days again, but this time with more emphasis on doing more of the squats at once rather than interspersed throughout random intervals of the day.

Push-ups: right now I'm still at the stage of having to do some of the pushups from my knees,but I'm making myself do more full ones each day. The last day of this block involves 21 pushups, so I'm hoping that day I can do 14 full ones. Then I'll go back to the start but, barring illness or other very good reason, do all full pushups this time.

Planks: taking out the seperate challenge for a bit and reinstating the plank part of the abs challenge

Ab challenge stuff: I'm going to keep up with that for the time being, but my main problem with this challenge has always been that it becomes boring and time-consuming, so we'll see.
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