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I've started trying to get my body in better shape again, largely in the hope that it'll help my brain along a bit, either through endorphins or through getting some sort of routine going. My attempts to go back to acro are stymied by planned outdoor meets and surprise rain, and pole involves a lot of logisitical stuff these days that I don't always have the mental capacity for, so I have to do what I can at home.

I know they are unlikely to deliver the advertised results as a stand-alone thing, but I find the 30-day challenges helpful in getting some sort of exercise routine going. In particular I tend to exercise in the morning (so the sweat goes on my pjs rather than the clothes I might leave the house in) so having a list written down stops me having to use my imagination pre-coffee. The only problem is my menstrual cycle, which *always* stymies things in some way so I never manage the full 30 days. So this time I'm just committing to ten days at a time. On the other hand, I'm doing several challenges at once. Two days ago I started the ab challenge (the one with the biggest oversell imo) and the plank challenge (replacing the plank bit of the ab challenge - longer planks and different rest days), and yesterday I added the squat challenge. This latter is my least favourite, but it needs to be done because in a few months I could have a longer and hillier walk to work so I need to be back at the level of stamina I had when working in Edinburgh. Tomorrow, because my arms are the one part of me not aching right now, I'm adding the push-up challenge.

The point of staggering the days is that I get different rest days for each thing. If I do one challenge and have a rest day, motivating myself to do some other sort of exercise that day is difficult and getting back into a routine afterwards is worse. This way a few days are going to be hellish but mostly I'm doing a little bit each day.

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