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-Getting up at 7
-Having a mass pre-wash disinfecting session for various t-shirts that had developed a whiffy armpit problem.
-Running the dishwasher so it was finished by 830. Ok, I decided not to go out this morning, but I could have done if I'd wanted.
-Cleaning the kitchen.
-Putting outdoor-ready clothing on.
-Making a brunch of rice, peas and tofu, with a second helping for proper lunchtime. (Breakfast was a protein bar at around 8am which is normally before I get up, so I was hungry by 1030)
-Recovering sufficiently from Jehovahgate to do anything at all further today
-Putting the rubbish out, including collecting everything from upstairs.
-Completing this UfYH mini-challenge in the process.
-Disinfecting and washing the rug from the bathroom with the intention of putting it next to the shower in the other room when it's dry. (I don't have baths so much in the summer, because I need to wash more often and there's less water around and it's warm enough to be starkers without immersing in near-boiling water, so the shower is the only point at which anyone really drips on the floor these days.)

Don't get me wrong, I still feel anxious and a bit dead from overwhelm because everything I've done today involves Remembering Stages Of Things to a greater extent than I'd like. But I'm functioning and more.

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